Wayne Rogers Architect Artist

About Painting...

The inspiration for my work seems to come from travel, memories, coastal scenes, architecture... It becomes, therefore, a visual journal... a way of recording 'my small story'...hopes, dreams, values, ideas.  it is my hope as my work tells 'my small story,' that it will, much more importantly, point to the One who gives 'my story' meaning... the One who is the great artist, the great creator, the maker of color and life, the companion/provider, and the One who gives our small stories meaning.

My work reflects a tention between abstraction and reality (and my fascination with the Impressionists).  The technique is subtle underpainting and layers of palate knife work and, often, a final layer with a detailed brush.  The paintings often included a tention between planning/design vs allowing the paint to have a freer/uncontrolled spirit... sometimes set against structural edges placed on the paintings (often achieved via tape/glazes).

I enjoy painting because it is personal.  There is not a client.  As an architect, I have the privilege of connecting/working with people to make buildings and spaces and places.  In painting, I find solitude and the chance to think/reflect/express.  For me painting/drawing is quite personal.